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Make Your Own Wax Screen


When I first started rendering beeswax, I had a heck of a time straining out the wax from the liquid. I went through a fair amount of cheese cloth and aggravation and many messes before my wonderful husband got tired of hearing me rant like a lunatic during this process and volunteered to make a wax screen for me. He designed a very simple and highly effective screen that I just love! He made mine 11" x 11" - because that fit over my pail perfectly. You can adjust the size to your needs.

Below I'll take you step-by-step on how to make your very own wax screen and, quite possibly, save your marriage.

You will need:

  • 1" x 2" Pine
  • Screen
  • Small Brad Nails
  • Heavy Duty Staples



    Bernie measured 11 inches of the pine and cut it off with 45 degree angles.




    He says you could just use square cuts, but he made mine with 45 degree angles.



    Then he used his pneumatic nail gun and nailed the pieces together into a square. You can just use small brad nails if you don't have a pneumatic nailer.



    Then I cut a piece of screen about 1/2" shorter on each side than the total square. As you can see by my face, I took this very seriously.



    Bernie used the stapler and stapled the screen to one side of the square.



    He went back and put in extra staples for reinforcement.



    And finally he took the second square he made (same as the first) and nailed the two of them together, with the screen in the middle.



    And, as you can see, the screen fits just beautifully over my pail! And Bernie no longer has to listen to my ranting when I render wax.



    To see the screen in action, check out the Rendering Beeswax page!










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