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Welcome to the Bee Buzz


When we decided to put a home on 65 acres and move out there permanently, one of the first things my husband announced to me was his desire to have an apiary with a couple hives of honey bees. I would be less than honest if I did not tell you that I was terrified of the idea of intentionally bringing bees into our lives. I had always been incredibly afraid of bees. Well, I thought I was afraid of bees. As I've learned over time, I am actually incredibly afraid of wasps. Wasps and honey bees are two different things all together.

Wasps are carnivorous and well known for their aggression and rather painful ability to sting many times. Honey bees feed on pollen and nectar, and because one sting from them will result in their death, they typically only sting when they feel threatened.

At any rate, my husband really wanted honey bees, and I really wanted honey and bees wax, so when a friend gave us a "honey" of a deal on 6 hives and all the necessary equipment, I reluctantly gave in. We brought the 6 hives back to our homestead and got them situated. We also installed an electric fence around them to keep bears and neighborhood children away from them. I quickly developed quite a fondness for our honey bees. They are gentle, hard workers, and a joy to observe.

This website documents our lives with bees. I hope it will provide inspiration for others to become bee keepers. Honey bees are crucial in our lives. Not only are they incredibly useful for plant pollination, they are fascinating to watch, and a joy to bring in to your lives. With the wild bee population diminishing to almost non-existance, more and more bee keepers are crucial to the honey bees' existance.

Wild honey bees have been threatened to almost non-existance by the Varroa Mites. Beekeepers battle this problem in their apiaries as well, but there are treatments that have proven very successful, and in an apiary beekeepers can keep the hives alive and healthy.

The most recent true threat to honey bees is the Colony Colapse Disorder. This threat has been reported across the U.S. and is especially scary because there is no known cause or preventative actions at this time.

Albert Einstein has been credited with stating "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left." Honey Beekeepers are desperately needed and are rewarded ten fold for the care they provide.

We're just beginning our journey with bees. I hope you enjoy reading about it and learning from it. This website is regularly updated, so please check back often.

Bee happy!


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